Dear Kids and Parents!

Thank you very much for your huge interest in our WoodyMac magnetic toy sets. Because of the huge demand, our inverntory has run out. At the moment we do not have anything in stock and doing everything to get more in. If you would like to be notified when more WoodyMac sets become available, please use our Feedback option to provide your contact information. Your email will not be shared with anyone and will be used only to inform you about WoodyMac sets and the date of availability.

A wooden, magnetic, architectural toy - a building block set for boys, girls and fun loving adults. A family-friendly activity for everyone!


WoodyMac—The first of its kind, WoodyMac is a large, sturdy architectural set for boys, girls, and fun-loving adults. These wooden construction blocks are designed to foster creativity, develop architectural and engineering skills, and promote spatial thinking—the skill required to mentally manipulate 2D and 3D objects—which scientific studies have demonstrated is key to the development of new knowledge and innovation in technology, math, and science. Build a dollhouse, a castle, a high-tech home, a supermarket, or anything else you can dream up! The versatility of the WoodyMac set makes it an exciting new product for both boys and girls, whether building a castle, dreaming up a dollhouse, or designing unique furniture—and adults will love it too! WoodyMac helps architects and designers come up with new ideas and new inspiration - it's true!