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Introducing WoodyMac!

WoodyMac - The first of its kind

WoodyMac is a set of magnetic, wooden construction blocks designed to foster creativity, develop architectural and engineering skills, and promote hands-on learning.

Simple and innovative Design

Each dimension of WoodyMac has been carefully chosen. WoodyMac was thoughtfully planned, intuitively developed, meticulously designed, and carefully manufactured, down to the last detail, to ensure delivery of a high-quality, optimal building set ready for you to put together anything you can imagine - from the simplest to the most complex designs.

Unleash your creativity with WoodyMac!

The possibilities are virtually endless! What you create with your WoodyMac is entirely up to you. We give you the tools and leave the rest to your imagination!

WoodyMac Features:

  • Many unique components

    Roof railings, awnings, sliding doors, panels with opening doors, and painted and unpainted parts. You never will run out of the parts you need, be it more blocks or other spare parts. Our standard parts will be always available, and we’ll be adding new components all the time. It’s our motto – enabling your creativity by always providing you with new, compatible parts, designed to fit all our previous components.

  • Extendable and Flexible

    After you build one house, you don’t have to tear it down—just extend your “city” by adding other of our WoodyMac designs or WoodyMac structures of your own, using our spare parts.

  • Versitile

    WoodyMac blocks can also be equipped with variant walls and ceilings, as well as additional elements like triangular roofs, garage doors, fences, and much more. With the option to use colorful self-printed wallpapers, textures, paint, or pre-printed sticky covers, everyone can personalize their WoodyMac creation into whatever they like, whether it’s a military fortress, doll house, geometric puzzle, or something else entirely.


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